Importance of Film Festival For A First-time Filmmaker

Importance of Film Festival For A First-time Filmmaker

Though film festivals are important for all the filmmakers for their film’s exposure, it plays a very important role for a first-time filmmaker. 

As a first time filmmaker, your first film experience matters a lot as you begin your filmmaking journey with it. It is the first step & learning process for you that gives you a lot to prepare you for your future projects. 

The primary reason for submitting your film to a film festival is to have it screened in front of the jury, audience, and anyone who may like the film and offer an opportunity for the film. Secondly, if your film wins an award, it helps you to build your resume. You also get a chance to get interviewed, share your ideas, participate in discussions- that not only helps in giving you a voice, but it also helps you to strop your public speaking skills and you get involved with the festival directly. Film Festivals help a lot in branding your film as well as your profile through reviews, blogs, writeups via different publications with which the festival works. 

With COVID19, and film festivals going online this year- don’t feel that it limits the opportunity for your film. In fact, your audience range increases as there are no limitations on the number of people who can watch your film. In the Internet era when everything is going online, nothing can stop a good film to reach its audience. 

Talking from personal experience, when I created my first film during this quarantine and submitted it to a bunch of film festivals, I was so happy to see the first notification saying that your film is an official selection. So many different festivals not only selected my film but I won awards in different categories & festivals as well. I also got an opportunity to give interviews and talk about my film & overall experience of making a film in lockdown without any crew & resources. The overall experience of getting recognition for your first film, made at home without any support- is astonishing.


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